RNA-detector the all-in-one solution for RNA-seq analysis.

An easy-to-use open-source pipeline for RNA-deq data analysis and reporting, built using state-of-the-art software for a reliable user experience.

Download now

RNAdetector can be easily installed and deployed by any user in no time and with no effort.

No dependencies

Thanks to our docker-based backend, the user will never have to worry about dependencies.

Always updated

Our internal repository contains the latest updates to all supported genomes and transcriptomes.

Ready for the clinics

Our tool does not need any internet connection therefore clinical data are never shared.

Easy reporting

Our integrated reporting solution can be used to easily visualize and share results.


Our solution is completely open-source and be easily customized to suit the need of the user.

Bugs Report

For any bugs report, please open a new issue at our GitHub Repository: https://github.com/knowmics-lab/RNAdetector/issues


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